Thailand’s abundance

Bucket-list ideas for the first half of April from Pongpet Mekloy’s archive

April is usually the height of the hot season. The sea, both in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman, is at its best. The forest, meanwhile, may seem lifeless, yet actually there are a lot of interesting things going on in the ecosystem. Most waterfalls, for example, may not be boasting powerful cascades, but the calm, clear water reveals a fascinating array of fish and other aquatic lifeforms that thrive. And guess what: even during this dry period of the year, there are falls in some protected forests where the water continues to flow down rigorously, regardless of what month is shown on the calendar. Too bad I don’t have their photographs in digital form and no time to dig through the piles of slides.

Many wild orchids flaunt their blossoms during this time of year. Several species of birds are either finding mates or preparing nests, getting ready for the rainy season when food will be easier to find and thus suitable for raising their next batch of offspring.

Thanks to the lockdown, I got the chance to explore my archive of digital photographs going back about a decade-and-a-half.

Shown here are some pictures of selected domestic trips I made during the first half of April. I must admit that I was surprised to find out that I had made quite a few road trips during this period of searing heat. They were all fruitful, though. The places are varied and scattered in different parts of the country. Some are good for day trips, others may require a few days. There are also a couple of sites that I hope to one day revisit.

Hopefully, you might find some of these destinations interesting enough to add to your travel bucket list.

To a lot of people, the longer the lockdown, the stronger their travel itch becomes. Some have vowed via social media that they will hit the road as soon as things return to normal.


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